Spa Touch would like to ensure that you are receiving the safest nail services possible"


Washing of Hands: Before each service, client and technician will wash their hands with soap and water, after hands are washed the technician will wear gloves during all services. It is Florida Law!
Disinfecting Metal Implements: All metal implements are washed with warm soapy water, rinsed, and placed in an ultrasonic cleaner with a hospital grade disinfectant solution. Then rinsed, dried, and placed in a sealed container.and placed in an ultrasonic cleaner with a hospital grade disinfectant solution. Then rinsed, dried, and placed in a sealed container.
Disposable Items: We use disposable files, pedicure smoothers, orangewood sticks, cotton. All of these items are put in the waste can and never ever used again. * Files used on acrylic or hard gel services are given to each client.
Pedicures: We use the Belava Pedicure system which uses a disposable liner, after each pedicure the liner is disposed of and the plastic tub is washed and disinfectant.
*****Tips for  Safe Nail Services*****
  • Never shave your legs the day of your service, microscopic tears happen during shaving and these can be an open avenue for bacteria to enter.
  • Under Florida Law live tissue is not to be removed, we will never remove your cuticle tissue(hyponychium) that could open you up to bacteria entering.
  • We will never use a blade for callus smoothing.
  • People who are Diabetic and on insulin should never have a soaking pedicure as the water will over dry the skin and you could get microscopic tears.

Home Care

In order to maintain your nail enhancements, manicures, gel polish, and pedicures we recommend these guidelines.
  • "Treat your nails like jewels not tools".Try to wear gloves while performing housework or working in the yard, this will protect your nail polish from chipping and allow it to last longer. Over expose to water will cause your nails to dry out and polish chips, natural nails put away from your enhancements, and gel polish to pop off.
  • While nail enhancements are more durable than your natural nails are they are not indestructible. Using to flip up pop tops or prying something off will cause them to break and the will put stress on your natural nails.
  • Applying extra top coat over your fresh manicure daily or every other day will allow the polish to stay on longer.
  • Your nails are made up of oil and water and when these are balanced you will have strong flexible healthy nails, applying a great cuticle oil daily will help keep the balance and give you strong healthy nails and will keep your natural nail from pulling away from the enhancement. Example of a health oils is: Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, Olive Oil, Coconut, Avocado, Jojoba.
  • Keeping regular pedicure appointments will help callus from building up to thick, when callus's become to thick it will affect the way you walk and that will change the bodies alignment.
  • Never ever pull gel polish off your natural nails as it will weaken your nail because layers are being removed. Use acetone for removal.